Guest Post: 3 Simple Steps To Outsource AND Grow Your Social Media Following

Are your competitors enjoying interaction and conversion through their thriving social media profiles?

And you’re left thinking “how can they do this, don’t they have any “real” work to do?”

Well, in this blog post you are going to learn the solution…

The 3 simple steps to outsource AND grow your Twitter following.

But before that, I need to introduce a very important (if not the MOST important) online marketing concept: The Three Types Of Lists. You can segment all of the permission based contact lists your business owns:


Description: You have permission to market to these people though a channel that you do not own, if the platform closes down, you lose the list. This is the least valuable type of list.

Examples: Facebook Likes, Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat/Vine Followers, LinkedIn Connection


Description: You have permission to market to these people through non-restricted channels e.g. direct mail or email.

Examples: Email/Physical Addresses, Phone Numbers


Description: You have permission to market to these people through non-restricted channels and they have exchanged money for your services previously. This is the most valuable type of list.

Examples: Email/Physical Addresses, Phone Numbers of paying customers

Now why are we discussing list types?

I would argue that as the marketer of your business, your primary responsibility is moving people down the scale from stranger to your non owned lists to your owned list and ultimately to your buyers list.

Now, back to the point of this article: 3 Simple Steps To Outsource AND Grow Your Social Media Following.

1. Optimise

Here you will optimise your social profiles enable the people that you get onto your non owned lists when they arrive on your owned (social) list.

The most practical method of doing this is by utilising the profile description and link on your social media profiles.

Most businesses utilise this valuable real estate to talk about themselves…

The problem being that your prospects don’t care about your business, they care about themselves.Thus, in order to convert them from your non owned, social lists onto your owned email list I would recommend detailing a clear benefit for your customer in your description. Then use the link in your profile description to take prospects to a landing page that promises to deliver this benefit in exchange for their email address.

Now, we also need to ensure that the design of your social media profiles are congruent e.g. profile extensions, profile pictures, cover pictures and description. I would recommend Canva – a non-technical design tool which will enable you to build custom images for each major social media platform.

2. Systemise

Now all of your profiles are optimised, congruent and ready to go, we need to work out how to attract potential customers to your profiles to move them down the list types discussed above and then build a system around this in order to outsource effectively.

First, let’s think about why social media exists?

In my opinion, it exists in order to facilitate connection and the distribution of information. In other words, your potential customers are logging into each social media network in search of connection and to consume information, this is what you need to deliver and here is how to do it:

  • Share information relevant to your prospect
  • Build a content schedule custom to each social media site that your prospects want to consume. You can create your own content or curate content from other sources, I would recommend a mix of the two.

This is an iterative process, you will need to make an assumption at the content types your customers want to consume and then measure results in terms of shares/retweets/comments/likes.

I would recommend to start posting on each platform once per day and schedule weekly or monthly using software like Buffer, which will also inform you of the best times to post your content to maximise the likelihood of interaction.

  • Connect with your prospects
  • Pro-actively reach out to potential prospects and share/like/comment/retweet their content using tools such as Crowdfire, if done consistently this can yield in a rapid increase in following and interaction with your prospects.

I would recommend carrying out each of these tasks yourself for a number of days prior to outsourcing in Step 3 to ensure that the Working Procedures that you will create are as accurate and detailed as possible to increase reproducibility.

You can use screencast software to record the processes that must be followed in order to perform the two tasks above and combine with written procedures. This approach is outlined by Sam Carpenter in his book Work The System which I would refer you to for further reading.

3. Outsource & Repeat

Once you have the above processes operating and documented, now it is time to find the perfect team member in which to operate these processes.

I have experienced great success in outsourcing to the Philippines due to their fantastic English and cost of labour, there a number of option in terms of reaching potential Virtual Assistants.

In my opinion there are the two main options:

  • – You can access a large database of Virtual Assistants for a monthly fee
  • Virtual Valley (Yes, I own this marketplace ;)) – You can access a curated database of Virtual Assistants for free and then hire a Virtual Assistant through the platform (which acts as a payment escrow service) at a 15% uplift on the salary (ranges between $3-500 pcm)

Once you have found a suitable Virtual Assistant, all you now need to do is share the working procedures you created in Step 2 (I would recommend Google Docs) and talk your new team member through the processes.

Finally, any social media guru will tell you that consistency is key and that results will compound over time. Thus, do not be disheartened if you have not seen tangible results after a month or so, if you follow the above steps, results are inevitable…


Fire up that Twitter profile, dust off your Facebook Page and sharpen your Instagram filtering skills and start creating connections and creating/curating information for your prospects.

Once you have the processes documented and your virtual assistant driving them to completion, your prospects will soon be migrating from stranger all the way to your owned list and then inevitably onto your buyers list…

Author Bio:Tom is the Founder of Virtual Valley, a platform that connects Entrepreneurs 
with Rockstar Virtual Assistants with the mission of giving Entrepreneurs back 10 million 
hours of their time by 2020.Tom writes about how to grow your remote business on the 
Virtual Valley Blog,you can also follow him on Twitter here: @tomhuntio.

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