Don’t Forget To Do These When You Quit Your Job!


Finding a new job can be exciting and you can’t wait to start something new. But when you get a new job, you obviously have to quit your current job. It can be quite overwhelming to have to tell them you’re going. Not only are you putting them in a position in which they have to find someone else to fill your role, but you are also saying goodbye. Here are some things you should do when you quit your job.

Ask for a Reference

When you decide to quit your job, you need to try and leave on good terms. As discussed here, you should not speak negatively about the job. It doesn’t look good to future employers and also won’t be wise if you want a reference. A reference is a report by your current boss or a senior colleague which explains about your strengths. If you have treated your employer badly, they can refuse to give you one. It could result in your new job turning you down. Often employers want to speak to the past couple of employers so you may need to contact them in future.

Talk to HR

Quitting your job will result in you having to work a notice period, as well as having to fill out the necessary paperwork. They may want to hold an exit interview. You should see the HR department who will be able to tell you what you need to do. Most companies have a an HR Consultancy who deal with their employees, so you should see them to advise them you’re leaving and ask them what you need to do.


Talk to Finance Team

When you leave work, you should also talk to the finance team about how much you will be paid and whether or not you are owed any annual leave. They will be able to tell you when your final payment date is. They will also need to sort you out a P45 so that the HMRC can work out your new tax code.


Pack Away Your Stuff

Another thing you should ensure you do when you quit your job is to pack away your stuff. You don’t want to leave anything that belongs to you. You should leave behind anything confidential to the company. If you are unsure whether it belongs to you or not, ask your supervisor to check. Office accessories are put there for you to use, but it doesn’t mean they are now yours!


Throw a Leaving Party

Leaving your job is sad as you have to say goodbye to our colleagues who have likely become treasured friends. A good way to finish your job is either asking a few of them to go for a meal or a couple of drinks after work. Or you can throw a leaving party. Make sure you have enough food and drink for everyone and sort out some great music. It’s a great chance to celebrate your work there.



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