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Bright Digital Media can set up and manage your social media marketing platforms, which will enable you to engage with your audience on their preferred social media network. We devise effective ongoing campaigns to ensure you receive the maximum online presence.

Content Marketing

It is vital to have excellent content for successful SEO, social media campaigns, headings and titles, blogs, articles and more. We can help YOU create great content.

On a Budget?

We are a small business, which means we do not have large overheads. We can be flexible and tailor to your budget restraints, whilst still delivering quality service.

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Time: The One Resource You Can’t Afford To Spend Lightly

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Businesses deal with a lot of resources. Money, people, supplies and the like. With these physical resources, taking a hit is bad, but it’s reversible. Losing time, however, isn’t. You can’t afford to have slow days or weeks outside the occasional moment the business is quiet. So you have to use that time better. Don’t […]

Combining PR & SEO: How To Get Ahead Of The Competition

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SEO & PR. Two different areas that you might not expect to combine all that often. But I’m sure you’re aware of just how important SEO is from a marketing standpoint. By merging the two, you can create an effective strategy that compliments both areas in multiple ways. Don’t understand what I’m talking about? Let’s […]

Panasonic Increases its Support to Help Preserve the Environment

Posted on

Panasonic Energy Europe will soon close the fourth edition of the eneloop European Photo Challenge. This European contest has been designed to target photographers but also to support environmental charities and organisations. During the contest there are prizes for the photo that receives the most votes and two donations of €5000 to the organisations giving […]

UK Fashionistas Are More Likely to Buy Clothes on Desktop Rather Than on Mobile

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UK consumer spends an average of £116 on desktop for a fashion purchase, versus £89 on mobile, despite mobile eCommerce as a whole accounting for 51% of online purchases in the UK Despite this, UK is in the top three for mobile purchases of clothes in Europe, with the Nordics and France leading the way […]

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